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What is Sumday?

Sumday is a carbon accounting platform, built for granular, transparent and robust accounting in line with global standards. Customers use Sumday to account for their carbon emissions with the help of their existing accountant, advisor or finance team.

What’s so different about Sumday?

Accessible: Sumday is affordable for companies large and small. Whether you’re a public company looking to support thousands of suppliers with resources to start carbon accounting or you’re a small business that wants to make carbon part of your normal accounting process - Sumday is for you.

Education First: Sumday is proudly education first, we focus on building your company’s internal knowledge of carbon accounting, with market leading online courses, templates, and resources on top of a robust accounting platform.

Transparent: Sumday provides complete transparency over the emission factors used to drive your calculations, customers can export every transaction, emission factor and source to excel as a carbon general ledger report.

Supplier Engagement: Every customer can invite every supplier to access training, software and support to help them start carbon accounting too, empowering you move away from reliance on industry averages over time.

How does Sumday work with Advisors?

Some companies want their accountant or advisor to handle the carbon accounting for them, just like financial accounting. Sumday is for accountants and advisors who want to provide carbon as a service.

By helping you train your team and grow your practice with this high-impact work, you make access to carbon accounting more affordable and seamless for companies of every size. You're already there, with the skills! Sumday empowers you to do the work to the standard we know you expect, adding value to your clients as we enter a new chapter of compliance when it comes to sustainability and accounting.

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What is Carbon Accounting?

In summary, carbon accounting is the measurement of a company’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions - that is, the greenhouse gases that are emitted by the company from its activities and operations. We do this in line with the GHG Protocol.

For companies quantifying their emissions for the first time, you’ll be performing a ‘baseline emissions assessment’. This involves identifying and quantifying all of the sources of emissions within your operation, including direct emissions from activities like burning fossil fuels (driving a car), as well as indirect emissions associated with the consumption of electricity, freight of materials, or from the purchase of goods and services you buy.

Sumday takes an education first approach - using our resources

Sumday is proud of its education first approach. That means we provide the best learning materials and resources on the market to build your confidence and technical understanding of carbon accounting. We’re transparent about every aspect of this process, both the great and the grey. You can use the hundreds of articles and resources throughout this knowledge centre for free and access even more as a subscribed in the Sumday Academy.

Start in the Sumday Academy

When you sign up to your free trial, start in the Sumday Academy. Check out two Introduction to Carbon Accounting courses, one for business users who want to build knowledge and one for those who need practical support to deliver on the accounting work.

Start a free trial

You can start a free 14 day trial, no credit card required. Take a look around!

Book a Demo here and we’ll give you a tour so you can make the most of your trial!

Logging in

Once you’ve started a free trial, head back to sumday.io and log in from the top right hand corner

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Last updated on October 29, 2023