The Accounting Support Team

Sumday provides support every step of the way

If you need help, just reach out to the Accounting Support Team!

The Accounting Support Team

Our team is made up of accountants, auditors, and advisors who have supported clients to understand their carbon emissions and the non-financial accounting space. Accounting support is lead by Sumday’s co-founder, Lindsay Ellis, you can read more about him here. Angela is our Learning Lead and you can read about her journey to Sumday as well.

What can you ask?

Whether it’s a question around the learning materials, the software, or a technical question from yourself or a client, we take the approach of “just ask” and our helpful team will provide the best support they can, as soon as possible. Both businesses and advisors rely heavily on the Accounting Support team when getting started, you’ll probably end up talking about your dog and favourite cafe as much as the accounting. We love building relationships with our customers who are doing this high impact work.

You can get a set of eyes on your first assessment for any glaring issues too.

You don’t pay any extra fees to access support from the team.

For advisors, your plan will determine the level of support you have access to.

How do you get in touch?

Just flick an email to with your queries, reach out to your account manager, or pick a time to chat here.

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Last updated on October 29, 2023