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The Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water publish a comprehensive list of emission factors on an annual basis. The annually released dataset is titled “The National Greenhouse Accounts Factors” and is used by organisations voluntarily reporting their climate impact and is expected to be a required EF source in the upcoming Australian Sustainability Reporting Standards. In addition for Australian Large Emitters covered under the NGER Act these factors will also be used in their mandatory Scope 1 and 2 filings.

The website for AUS DCCEEW can be found here.
The website for AUS DCCEEW can be found here.

Emissions Source Key Info

Full Source Name
Australian Government Department for Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water
Sumday Concise Name
On an annual basis the Australian government published a dataset of conversion factors covering Scope 1,2 and a limited number of Scope 3 emissions sources. Factors are used by Australian organisations either voluntarily disclosing their emissions or large emitters reporting to meet mandatory requirements under the NGER Act. Each publication includes the annual emissions factors as well as the methods and assumptions used to derive this factors.
Source Type
Government/ International Organisation
Most Recent Release Year
Earliest Release Year
Next Expected Release Date
Sumday Take
For Australian organisations the AUS DCCEEW factors are the default dataset used for carbon accounting across Scope 1 and 2 and the limited S3 emissions sources included in the data set. AUS DCCEEW does not publish emissions factors covering all of the subcategories under Scope 3 meaning that organisations may need to other datasets in order to have complete coverage over Scope 3 emissions.

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Last updated on October 29, 2023