Business Case Templates

Build the business case for emission reduction

What is a business case?

A business case is a document that explains how the benefits of a project outweigh its costs, and why it should be executed. These are normally presented to stakeholders within companies to convince them of the case's value. These cases are generally prepared during the project initiation phase, and their purpose is to include all the project's objectives, costs and benefits.

What business case templates are available in the Academy?

Download a customisable excel template and tutorial to understand how you might go about preparing a business case for emission reduction, for your business or your client:

  • Electric Vehicles
  • Solar
  • Reduced Travel and Work From Home Policies
  • Low Emission Packaging
  • Electric Cooker
  • Green Electricity Supply
  • Reduced Air Travel Policy

More templates to come and you can request templates as well!

Watch a tutorial for free

Here is an example business case template for the purchase of electric vehicles vs petrol vehicles, which compares both the financial and CO2e impact of each decision.

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Last updated on August 6, 2021